How to Create a Link Preview in React and NodeJs?

The availability of link sharing online allows for the quick dispersion of ideas, news, and other stuff throughout the web. However, the spike in link sharing has resulted in malicious hyperlinks that spread malware, steal data, and enable hacking attempts. Many scams include consumers getting fake links that attempt to compromise their account details. To tackle this growing threat, tech companies increasingly use link preview services, which allow users to assess shared links before accessing them.

What is the reason for encouraging visitors to URL link preview before clicking on them?

There are two key reasons why users should consider link preview before clicking. 

  • First, it gives viewers a visual preview of the URL, which helps them decide whether or not to proceed.
  • Second, it acts as a preventative step against risky data, notifying users and guiding them away from potential fraud and hacking attempts. 
  • Also, link scanners play an important role by cross-referencing links with databases of reported threats, successfully identifying and warning users of risky links, and protecting them from potential damage.

How to Create a Secure Url Link Preview with NodeJs

Integrating the Link Preview in nodeJs reactJs or nextJs is a simple job. Let's look at this realistic example. You will get a clear understanding of generating link preview with nodeJs with link-preview-js npm package.

Set up your Project

Let's make a new directory and set up a NodeJS project.

mkdir link-preview-nodejs
cd link-preview-nodejs

Install the dependencies

To install all of the dependencies, execute this command in the terminal of your project folder.
npm i link-preview-js

Create a File in your Project Folder

The next step is to create a new file, such as UrllinkPreview.js, and write the logic.

const { getLinkPreview } = require("link-preview-js");

   async function init() {
     try {
        const response = await getLinkPreview('', {
            imagesPropertyType: "og", headers: {
              "user-agent": "googlebot",
              'Accept-Language': 'en-US'
            timeout: 10000
    } catch (error) {


Run your Project

Once you have added the link preview js to generate link preview, you can try the implementation. In your terminal, run this command:

mkdir link-preview-nodejs
node index.js

After the request is submitted, the response will be delivered in JSON format

With that, you can now confidently generate link previews with nodeJs into your applications, ensuring protection against potentially harmful content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a link preview in JS?

Creating link previews is a straightforward job. This blog post demonstrates how to generate url link preview easily.

How do I preview a URL link?

You can preview a Link with the link preview js npm package. Read the full article to get a clear idea of how to implement Url link preview.

How to get a link preview in React?

In ReactJs link preview can be done this way. Follow the above steps to create the link on the client side.


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